VectorSave™ 25 Inspire 2


VectorSave™ 25 Inspire 2 Paramount™

Clip-on solution | Fully automatic | Ultra light

Features Parachute size 2,00 sqm

System weight 250 g

Paramount™ 22 g

Harness rope tensile strength 430 kg

Technology spring

Trigger SaveSense

See the system in flight on YouTube


VectorSave™25 for DJI Inspire 2

VectorSave™25 Inspire 2 is total solution for DJI Inspire 2 series. VectorSave™25 is based on patented ultra light launcher that uses loaded spring to deploy parachute. Since it is mechanical spring it does not have transportation limits like other systems using compressed gas or pyrotechnic explosives.

Automatic Deploy

VectorSave™25 Inspire 2 incorporates automated SaveSense™ sensors and firmware to detect if props have stopped and free fall or over 70 degree tilt has occurred after propulsion is lost. It operates by its own independent power

VectorSave™ drone rescue system for DJI Inspire 2 series

Complete solution against power failure

Extra security may be needed if flight is operated over populated area. We were asked to develop rescue solution for this range of drones that are widely used by law enforcement or fire departments to mention few target groups. In typical use the flight take place in urban environment where it is imperative to minimize risk of possible failure that may cause drone to fall from sky. VectorSave™25 Inspire 2 system connects with Paramount™ clip. Paramount™ allows easy removal and clip on without tools. Paramount™ base clip remains on Inspire 2 left arm weight only 22g.

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